Well, I guess this thing it’s well know, but I’ll tell this story anyway.

I was watching YouTube videos about stuff and I came across this one by Jason Scott:

He was talking about his personal work and for the internet archive.

He talked about an “old” italian blogging platform called Splinder (more info on it).

It came to mind that I had a blog on it, and well, I had memories (both good and bad) associated to it.

I did not used it in some time and when I discovered it was gone was too late, my stuff was gone. I was sad and disappointed about it.

The nice thing I’ve discovered today is that the internet archive contains a snapshot of the whole site taken before the takedown. (They actually also extended the time before the takedown downloading their data in those days).

I’ve searched the wayback machine and found out my blog was still there, tear to the eye, a quick google search pointed me to a github project by Hartator, called wayback_machine_downloader, a Ruby gem that is designed to crawl the wayback machine and download a copy of the site you’re looking for.

I’ve started up a ubuntu virtual machine, installed ruby and the gem, and now I own the stuff I though was long gone again.

So well, thank you Jason Scott, Hartator and the internet archive for letting me find my old stuff.